Have you ever thought of a marketing partner who truly understands your sales goals?

At Raise Your Media, our priority is to boost your sales via improved online presence and engagement.

Each transaction starts with a relationship because People buy from People.

We live by this rule and emphasize building genuine connections that can be translated into meaningful customer experiences and increased sales.

Married with work and with each other.

Our journey together blossomed from two shared passions: a love for each other and a desire to uplift small businesses in the digital world. As we navigated life hand in hand, our professional vision for Raise Your Media grew from seeds of mutual respect and shared dreams.

The hours spent brainstorming, laughing, and watching our clients' success are as cherished as our personal milestones.

Today, our bond is more than just marital - it's a testament to the power of love and shared ambition, which continues to inspire us and the clients we serve.

Over 25 years of combined experience and a myriad of diverse skills to help businesses grow!

Dominika Thompson

CEO, Founder, Co-Owner

With roots in Poland, Dominika embarked on her journey with small business sales and marketing in 2004 at Kraft Foods, Europe. Her enthusiasm and customer-centric approach revolutionized the retail sales department, making a memorable sales mark on local markets.

Her experience was a stepping stone that led her to establish Raise Your Media in 2017, driven by her unwavering passion for aiding small businesses in their quest for success. Dominika works hand in hand with her clients, crafting unique marketing campaigns tailored to their needs. She believes in the power of human connection and personal branding, a sentiment echoed by our slogan, "people buy from people".

Marcus Thompson

Director of Sales, Co-Owner

Complementing Dominika's and her talents is, Marcus, the dynamic Director of Sales at Raise Your Media. Hailing from Louisiana and Texas, Marcus honed his expertise in customer relations through his diverse professional background in restaurants, retail management, the fitness industry, banking, real estate, recruiting, sales and marketing.

Marcus is driven by his desire to learn and build lasting relationships, fostered by his empathetic and results-oriented approach. He optimizes the sales process for Raise Your Media and helps clients with a range of processes due to his robust professional background.

More Than Just An Agency

Raise Your Media is more than just another digital marketing and advertising agency. We're a collective of passionate professionals with an in-house team, united by diverse backgrounds, interests, perspectives, and expertise. Our differences make us stronger, and we leverage that strength to help your business grow. We firmly believe in the power of supporting local vendors, and we always prioritize impacting the local economy.

Your Ideas, Our Commitment

Every day, we collaborate as a skilled team to help our clients create engaging customer journeys that make their products and services irresistible. We are ready to be the digital ambassadors for your ideas and dreams, tackling all your marketing needs with creativity and originality.

Our Promise To You

We operate with complete transparency, aiming to keep you fully informed about our actions, their purpose, and the expected results. We deeply value the relationships we forge with our clients, enabling us to tell your brand story authentically and effectively. When you choose to work with us, you're choosing a team committed to your growth. With us, your business isn't just another client but a part of our dedicated and dynamic family.

"Join us, and together, let's Raise Your Media!"

~ Dominika & Marcus Thompson


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